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One-color cut decal description

One-color decal:

One-color cut decals are decals that are just one color.

In the product picture; you may see areas on the decal that are white around the colored decal, those areas have no color and will be the color of whatever you apply the decal to.

For white decals; you can see the actual effect in the picture we have provided for each decal on the car window, the areas that have no color are the color of the window or whatever the decal is applied to.

If a decal is listed as a one-color cut decal, you will only receive a solid color decal of the color that you choose.

Cut decal:

Cut decal means that the decal is cut from a single piece of vinyl sheet to a shape or design. The vinyl decal is cut on a plotter with a blade to make the desired shape or design.


We hope that this clearly describes what a one-color cut decal is. If you have any further questions, please contact before you make your purchase. Contact form.