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I Love Surfing Vinyl Decal

Product Description
$ 5.50
Perfect decal for yourself or any other lover of surfing.
8 5/8" Wide x 7/8" Tall

Decal material:

  • The decal is made of glossy and flat vinyl material**. The blue heart is a glossy vinyl and the text is flat black.
  • This decal is made from high quality vinyl that has a permanent adhesive.
  • Rated for up to 5 years of outdoor use. Unlimited life indoors.
  • Decals can be removed from the surface that they are applied to, but they should not be applied to any surface that may be damaged such as interior walls of a home and similar surfaces.


  • **  Colors of the decals may not be an exact match to the colors shown on your computer monitor due to variations in monitor quality and color rendering, colors may be slightly darker or lighter on the decal.
  • These decals do not have a background color, the decal is the only color. The background color is whatever you apply the decal to.